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Catch non-stop race action and entertainment at the FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX 2022.

Please note that only non-residents of Singapore will be eligible to purchase tickets on Pelago.


Get the best vantage views

Book some of the best vantage views in the house as the Singapore Night Race comes roaring back after two years.

Watch the start and end of the race

Cheer on your favourite team on the starting grid and watch the start and end of the race from the Pit Grandstand.

Catch the display of fireworks

Witness a stunning display of fireworks and the crowning of a champion in the much-anticipated Singapore Grand Prix 2022.

Be at the heart of the nonstop action

Always be at the heart of the non-stop action and navigate your way around the race with the Circuit Park Map.

Grandstand Tickets Available on Pelago


Cheer on your favourite team as they line up on the starting grid, and watch the start and end of the race as well as a fiery display of fireworks once the chequered flag is waved. Seated opposite the team garages, Pit Grandstand ticket holders will enjoy sweeping views of the high-octane action on the Pit Straight.


These are fantastic seats for race fans who want spectacular views of drivers going wheel-to-wheel towards the Pit Straight as they tackle the last turn at about 200 km/h before going full throttle past the chequered flag. Once the chequered flag is waved, you will be able to witness a stunning display of fireworks and the crowning of a champion.


Precision skills truly matter here – witness intense racing action as drivers attempt to outmanoeuvre each other for the best position at Sheares (Turn 1) after decelerating from speeds of up to 290km/h from the Pit Straight.


Feel the adrenaline rush as you watch the cars speeding straight towards you. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the first three turns and cars exiting the Pit Lane. This seat offers you a prime position to witness the drivers jostle with each other as they negotiate the complex corners.


Enjoy stunning up-close views of cars racing across the Esplanade Bridge before they brake for the Turn 14 right-hander. Watch the drivers jostle for position as they try to overtake each other. The nearby Jubilee Bridge is an excellent vantage point for catching the fireworks display when the chequered flag is waved.


Situated right in the heart of Singapore’s historical Civic District and close to many amenities, cheer on your favourite F1 drivers as they slow down upon entering Turn 11 and tackle a quick succession of turns before entering the vaulted arches of the stately Anderson Bridge.


Situated on the driver’s left, witness the drivers race towards the notorious Singapore Sling (Turn 10) at speeds up to 275km/h. Top off the action with views of iconic landmarks in the vicinity and fuel up on specially curated local and international cuisine at the nearby Portside Hawkers and Dockside Hawkers whilst revelling in the festival atmosphere.


Soak up the action with fantastic views of Turn 7 as drivers put their phenomenal skills to the test on this challenging corner. One of several prime overtaking opportunities on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, cars brake heavily down to 127km/h while entering the apex at Turn 7, then accelerate full throttle towards Turn 8.


Feel only good vibrations as the fearsome rumble of F1 cars roar beneath your feet and race across the picturesque waterfront stretch – a thoroughly exhilarating experience unique only to the Singapore race. Enjoy the magnificent fireworks display backdropped against the alluring Marina Bay once the chequered flag is waved.


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